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K. K. Wagh Polytechnic, Nashik

Rules & Regulations of Library

  • It is not necessary for students to fill up separate form for library membership as, they get the library membership on the admission in the college.
  • Library Card and Identity Card is not transferable.
  • Every Student has to submit library card while borrowing a book.
  • Students are advised to check the books before leaving the counter.
  • Library material should be handled with care, if it is found that the student has tried to tear the pages or damage the book ,the concerned student will have to pay the cost of the book.
  • Books should be returned within a due date, unless fine Rs. 5(Five) per day will be charged.
  • If library card is lost the concerned student will be held responsible for the problems arising of it.
  • Due date of an issue book, if not in demand, may be renewed at the discretion of the librarian or the counter assistant.
  • Do not mark or fold the pages of the library books, unless book issuing may be suspended at any time  by order of the principal for instance at the time of stock taking.
  • The librarian is imposed to recall any book at any time.
  • No part of the library reading material shall be photo copied without prior permission of the principal or the librarian.
  • All library books should be returned before the start of vacation.
  • College Leaving Certificate shall not be given to a pupil until he has  returned  all the books and Identity Card and has paid the dues outstanding against him and obtain a ‘Clearance Certificate’ from the Library.
  • If I-Card is lost, the student must file FIR at the Police  Station and then do application  to the principal for new I-card. Duplicate Identity card shall be issued to a Student on payment of  Rs.50/-.  
  • Library will remain closed on Sunday and holidays.